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Mindful Movement with Moran

About Me

My name is Moran,  I started practicing (Hatha) yoga when I was 15, and for years I practiced mostly ashtanga and Vinyasa styles.

In 2018 I was certified as a Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga teacher with Tatjana Mesar at Zen Yoga school Berlin.

I love to explore different ways of moving. I find movement healing.

Being a yoga and mindfulness practitioner nurtures self-inquiry - practicing listening and being present is part of the attitude I like to foster when teaching.

In August 2023 I have completed a Transformative Dance facilitation training with Hadas Fisher Oren, and I am excited to expand my somatic practice and offers through the free form movement gate.


contraction and expansion

Being aware of the ongoing movement of the breath;

from moment to moment,

how is your breath affecting your movement?

how is your movement affecting your breath?


In my classes I offer a movement experience that aims to enhance both your physical and mental well-being. The sessions blend familiar yoga poses and flows with a playful approach, fostering a sense of freedom and curiosity, both on and off the mat. 

the practice is accessible to everyday people who simply love to move, as well as yoga practitioners of all levels.


Self-agency and non-dogmatism are a core aspect of the way I facilitate a class.


Yoga Under the Tree

Wednesday 18:00-18:45 Volkspark Hasenheide 10965 Berlin


Friday 09:00-10:00 Mauerpark 13355 Berlin

So, if you're interested in...

Cultivating awareness
Building strength
Enjoying as you do it
Staying present
Exploring various movement patterns
Keeping your joints healthy

The first step is showing up, with an open mind and curiosity.
The rest will flow.

Booking Options

Drop in – 10 euro (park class)
5er card – 45 euro (park class)
USC members
Mindful Movement with Moran

My practitioners say...

"I highly recommend Moran for guiding you through a mindful movement practice. As a yoga teacher, she prioritizes mindfulness and encourages a deeper sense of inner peace and awareness. Moran's extensive knowledge and passion for yoga create a nurturing and supportive environment for her students."


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